KASC Challenge: Information to Share

The Kentucky Department of Education and several educational leadership groups met at Woodford County High School on Monday morning, August 25 to announce Kentucky’s latest development advancing college and career readiness. Known as the Kentucky Core Academic Standards Challenge, officials hope to increase awareness of the Core Academic Standards (specifically English/language arts and mathematics) and solicit feedback as part of the 2015 review of the academic standards.

The Kentucky Core Academic Standards Challenge asks for citizens of various roles to read the standards which were implemented in 2010, consider if they are appropriate for each grade level, and suggest edits and revisions where needed. An online portal has been created to give feedback: kentucky.statestandards.orgThe website is live now and will remain open until April 30, 2015. The portal provides several links and resources at the bottom of the page and a large blue button in the center of the page which reads, “Start taking the Kentucky Core Academic Standards Challenge.”

To begin the Challenge process, individuals will be asked if they live or work in Kentucky, to select a role group and provide an email address. Educators that take the Challenge will be asked about their position, school level, school district and email address. All users will also agree to the terms and conditions. The standards are then arranged by subject and grade level and list a thumbs up or thumbs down option for each. If a thumbs down response is recorded, options will be provided to submit more specific feedback and rationale. Suggestions for for new standards may also be submitted.

In the live press conference (linked to video), Commissioner Holliday said that in Kentucky, we need to come together with our national leadership in education reform and focus not on support for or against Common Core Standards, but focus on what our children need to know and be able to do to graduate college and career ready. He hopes that this will be a process to change the conversation from us versus them to one where we’re all working together for a common goal for Kentucky students.

KYSPRA colleagues: Information about the Kentucky Core Academic Standards Challenge will need to be shared throughout the fall and early spring in our school districts and with our local communities to solicit feedback that is representative of our Commonwealth. I anticipate more guidance soon from the Kentucky Department of Education, however it is important to be aware of this opportunity for our schools and community to collaborate for the future of all Kentucky students.

Press Release by Kentucky Department of Education

Education Week Coverage: 


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