Summary of April 23 KYSPRA Board Meeting

The KYSPRA Board of Directors met on April 23, 2015 in Bardstown. The following is a summary of discussion and action taken.

KYSPRA Reports:
Linda Salyer, the KYSPRA Association Manager, reported a total fund balance of $23,167.35 and 102 members with all dues paid. Invoices have been sent to districts with payment due. (This is also a gentle reminder if you’ve received an invoice.)

Organizational Reports:

  • Todd Piccirilli of KET shared that of 100 PBS Digital Innovators recognized this year, 4 were from Kentucky and a Lead Digital Innovator was recognized from Madison County.
  • Also good news: KET Programs are now offering embed codes for videos so districts may share KET videos directly on their websites.
  • Madelynn Coldiron of KSBA shared upcoming changes for the OASIS Professional Development Program. Watch your inbox, more information will be coming to members soon.
    • The entries are going paperless! (No more binders!) 
    • The cost of entries will be $45 ($10 less!)
  • Lisa Deffendall, KYSPRA representative for KASA shared information about the upcoming annual conference which will be held July 15-17. at the Galt House in Louisville: (Click here for details.) She also shared how discussion and concerns among KASA members has been about the teacher retirement fund future, “pension spiking” and sick leave, and also the amount of administrator time being spent on PGES. 

New Business:

Tracy Green,
2015-16 Treasurer
  • Election of a treasurer and introducing 2015-16 Officers: 
    • After an online election, Tracy Green of Oldham County Schools has been elected KYSPRA Treasurer for 2015-16.
    • Per the bylaws, upon election of the new officer, Cindy Williams becomes President for 2015-16, Tom Dekle will serve as President-Elect, and Wayne Walden, Secretary.
  • Purchase of a computer & software for Association Manager:
    • The Board voted to replace the computer used by Linda Salyer for KYSPRA records.
    • It was approved for Linda to purchase a computer, printer, extended warranty, software, and carrying case for no more than $2,500. 
    • The computer will be the property of KYSPRA for four years, and all financial and membership records are to be stored in an online file accessible by members of the Executive Committee.
    • Beginning in July the Association will budget $500 per year as a savings plan to replace equipment in approximately 5 years.
  • Association Manager Stipend:
    • The Board of Directors voted to increase the Association Manager stipend by $100 per month for a total of $300 per month for her work with membership and financial records. The increase will begin with the new chapter year in 2015-16.
  • Potential Collaboration with NSPRA Mid-East Chapters: 
    • Plans are being discussed to collaborate with NSPRA-Affiliate Chapters in our NSPRA Region to provide professional development and networking. Chapter Presidents and Board Members from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and the Chesapeake Chapter (Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland) are planning to meet at the NSPRA seminar in July to discuss opportunities.
  • Fall Conference 2015:
    • Tom Dekle is planning the fall conference to be held in Bardstown in early November. Look for “Save the Date” information from him soon!

Old Business:

  • Website Redesign: No report was presented and therefore discussion tabled for the first fall meeting.
  • KYSPRA Scholarship:
    • Beginning next fall, the Board of Directors plans to offer a new professional scholarship to the fall conference, including registration and a travel stipend for an individual to attend their first KYSPRA conference. This could be for an individual new to school PR or in a district considering adding a PR position. The scholarship will funded using revenue from the annual silent auction held at the fall conference. More discussion and details to follow.
  • Spring Professional Development:
    • “KYSPRA Connect” mini-conferences are coming up with opportunities to network and attend with limited travel and cost to districts. John Wright will host the first on May 5, in Elizabethtown at the Hardin Co. Schools Early College and Career Center. Wayne Walden and Paducah Public Schools will host on May 6. Plans are being made for a third session to be held in Lexington in June.
    • For more info about the session in Elizabethtown, contact John Wright:
    • For more about the session in Paducah, contact Wayne Walden:
  • KYSPRA Social Media:
    • Click here to view a handout regarding statistics from the KYSPRA Twitter account and blog. The Association has doubled the number of Twitter followers since July and added 46 blog posts! 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the school year!


Leslie McCoy
KYSPRA President, 2014-15


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