2015 Fall Conference Session Topics

Customer Service: PR in action

Paul Schaumburg, Community Relations Director, Graves County Schools

Customer service and public relations fulfill several closely related needs for your school district. They’re both about attitude and communication. They both are future oriented and focus on serving the needs of our parents and school communities. And both can be key elements in conflict resolution. Whatever way you stack it, public relations and customer service go hand-in-hand.

Using social media to build a “Culture of Care”

Heather Warrell, Assistant Principal, Thomas Nelson High School

Thomas Nelson High School has harnessed the power of social media in a big way to help build community and foster their own unique school culture. Now in just their fourth year of existence, TNHS has received wide notoriety and frequent visits from school leaders all across the state and beyond to study just how they do what they do in a variety of areas. For them, social media is a buffet and “force multiplier” that allows school leaders to “celebrate everyone at every level” in a very intentional way that is closely aligned with their school branding.

Social Media and Schools: The good, the bad and avoiding the ugly

Brad Hughes, KSBA Member Support/Communications Services

The “how to” of videography for schools

Jeff Gray, KET videographer

Videography is an increasingly accessible and important tool for communicators of all stripes. Through smartphones and small digital cameras of all types, video “production” has become just another fact of life for students, parents and people everywhere. KET videographer Jeff Gray will talk about how we can use these important tools to round out the communication product for out district and do so in a way that presents your district in the best light possible. The tools are here. The “how to,” is still very much a work in progress for many.

Make photography work for you and your school district

Steve Shaffer, KET photographer

Lighting, composition and exposure are still very much a fundamental aspect of visual communication. Many photographers now use cameras to produce videos and still photographs alike and frequently go back and forth between the two on the same assignment or subject. Either way, the fundamentals still apply to both. KET photographer Steve Shaffer will help firm up your knowledge in this arena of ideas that uses a multitude of tools while remaining grounded in the reality of everyday life.


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