OASIS 2015

Distinguished and Proficient Awards (pdf)

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Links to distinguished entries:



External publications

Tabloid publications

One-time publications

Miscellaneous printed materials

Feature release

News release

Feature photography

News/Sports photography

Display photography


Nelson (10 photos used in display for food services)

Videos — program length

Videos — in-school programs or training videos

Videos — PSAs/short subject informational videos

School websites

Electronic newsletter

Miscellaneous electronic communications product/program

  • Carroll (app linking various electronic communications tools together)

Special events

Community engagement programs

  • Oldham — Fiscal Outlook 2014 (4% tax increase)
  • Nelson — Teacher Notes
  • Knox — Career and Technical Center launch/recallable nickel

Miscellaneous public awareness programs

  • Oldham — OCS Engineering Academy launch
  • Daviess (coming soon)
  • Knox — Pursuit of Perfect Attendance

Social media pages


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